Colour of the Week; Pink

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner (the first celebration since Christmas!), it’s about time we all start to consider the in colour of the season; pink!
Even if you have never considered yourself a ‘girly girl’, this trend could still work for you. With the injection of this sugary tone introduced to everything, from the classic three striped Adidas tee, to metallic leather jackets, and anything in between, pink has never looked so edgy! Pair your statement pink with minimal accessories and simple complimentary pieces. A chunky, oversized sweater in this soft tone would look fabulous and chic with skinny ripped denim and a designer satchel bag. Likewise, pair an on trend, ready-to-wear pink jacket with a simple white tee and jeans, and you have a polished and current look, without falling guilty to the ‘On Wednesday’s, we wear pink.’ tribe.
If you are looking to invest in one key item in this blushing shade this season, then let it be the Tint London Pink Chelsea boots. They are absolutely divine, and would be so complimentary of so much of your existing wardrobe.
Worn with the most classic white tee and denim accompaniment, you have the fail safe ‘put-together’ outfit. As a stylist, I would be advising a pairing with the most on trend piece you can invest in this season; the throwback denim skirt. To cultivate this edgy look, add a v-neck tee, and an oversized shearling jacket.
How amazing would this outfit look with the Tint London Chelsea boots? It would just give it that vibrant and daring edge. Not only are they super comfortable, they are made using only the finest quality Italian leather, so that they withstand so much wear. They are available online, and all shipping is free!
Hands up if you’re now considering a splash of pink? And if you have always been an advocate of this stunning shade, then what are you waiting for?! Happy Shopping!
£119 –

RED Valentino flared dress
£475 –

Adolescent Clothing pink top
£22 –

MANGO pink jacket
£81 –

Marc Jacobs embellish jeans
£525 –

Re named long skirt
£31 –

Gucci purse
£1,380 –

Kate Spade hand bag
£305 –

Kate spade jewelry
£55 –

Bobbi brown cosmetic
£37 –

Opi nail lacquer
£8.12 –

Amanti Art framed wall art
£97 –

Kate Spade scented candle
£46 –

Seletti pink office supply
£67 –

Tint London



January is an exciting time for that of reinvention and adjusting your lifestyle, or so that’s what I’m told. As someone who is eternally busy, bored or financially challenged, I vow to never make ‘new years resolutions’, because before the first week of the year is over, I’ve usually made some ridiculous excuse as to why I can’t possibly stick to them. I’m just not enough of a ‘change’ type person.

My personal goal for this year, aside from saving some money and hopefully buying my first home with my adorable husband, was to find a way to invest my free time more wisely. I’ve been given some amazing opportunities during the years that I’ve been writing my blog, from meeting and interviewing some incredible designers, to styling and hosting fashion events, but I have just undertaken a brand new venture, and I am so happy to share this news with you.  Continue reading “Tint London”

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016

When I think of any sort of event scheduled to take place at the prestigious Grand Palais, those involving smiles, glitter and a rhinestone Fantasy bra worth $3million do not spring to mind. Famously held in high regard for its great contribution to the arts (including exhibitions of the works of Dior, Chanel and Cartier), this historical venue played host to an entirely alternate fashion show yesterday; the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Last night, an impressive collection of the supermodel community graced the runway in an equally impressive array of angel wings, thigh high boots and body glitter, and what a remarkable scene it was.  Continue reading “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016”

‘The Hooligan of English Fashion’

In the midst of fashion season, the entire media collective becomes completely engulfed in the hot new thing for the editors to covet. Fashion is about change; metamorphosis and development; what we will all be wearing in the upcoming season, and the availability of style.


Whilst I am always one for the admiration of change, I can’t help but think that this is the season to look back. Carolina Herrera, classic American-Venezuelan fashion designer once said “I don’t like trends. They tend to make everyone look the same.” I am a complete advocate for this notion, and I standby the age old statement that nothing is ever really new in fashion. All concepts are recycled, re-loved, re-imagined.

As a British fashion writer, and a lover of classic, minimalist heritage design houses such as Burberry and Paul Smith, London Fashion Week is my favourite of the season. British Fashion is grounded and earthy, whilst still verging on the visionary aspect which is so adored by the fashion crowd. We now have witnessed another Spring/Summer preview against a backdrop of a still Summer-like London, and have moved towards the glamour and prestige of the charismatic Milan fashion week. Let us just take this time to reflect upon the ingenious creations of the most incredible British designer of them all.  Continue reading “‘The Hooligan of English Fashion’”

See now; buy now.

In just under 16 days, collections from fashion houses, designers and collaborators will be unveiled at various locations around New York. For one reason or another, it feels like it has been an entire age since anything new and exciting happened within the realms of fashion design. We are all waiting for that all encompassing exhilaration and the hopes of feeling invested enough in a particular piece, that the promise of purchasing that one item will get you through those four months until it finally appears on the retail market.


So, this article may have an ulterior motive. What I really want to speak about, is the trepidation in the air.  In the wake of the news that, under the watchful eye of creative director Christopher Bailey, Burberry would no longer follow the traditional seasonal preview restrictions, and would start to follow a ‘see now; buy now mentality’, we all need to take note and consider this for a moment.  Continue reading “See now; buy now.”

Style Inspiration; Olivia May Boutique.

So, a couple of weeks ago, the sun came out, and we all went a little crazy. Overnight,questionable tan lines (sunburn) manifested all over the British High street, the waft of barbecue smoke interrupted my walk home from work every single day, and even I managed to wear something other than the usual black/white/grey/denim combo that I am always reaching for.

Then, the impending gloom of this weird in-between season we’re having set in, where the humidity makes it feel like the middle of August, but the skies are grey and inky, as if it were January. Don’t you just love British weather? Also, because I am British, and I see British people all day, every day, you are reminded of this irritating weather, constantly.

What I really want to talk about, is what we’re all thinking, when one of these days sets it. What to wear on an in-between day?

A few days ago, I was invited to spend some time with the styling team at Oxford based boutique, Olivia May. Continue reading “Style Inspiration; Olivia May Boutique.”


Today, I find myself apologising. In all honesty, I find myself apologising for many things, on most days. For running late, for forgetting plans, for using the last of the shower gel and forgetting to tell my husband until after he closes the bathroom door. Today, I am apologising for the severe lack of blog posts over the last couple of weeks. I have, as you may not know, been fairly busy. Whilst I have still somehow managed to ‘Keep(ing) up with the Kardashians’, I haven’t managed to keep up with my content, and for that, I am truly sorry.

Reading Banner

Over the past weekend, I styled and hosted the BSMFashion Fix event at the Broad Street Mall, in Reading. Whilst this was my first event as a stylist/blogger (I am usually just ‘blogger’), I had the most amazing weekend, and met some really cool and interesting people. As you can imagine though, this endeavour has kept me pretty busy over the last few weeks.

Four weeks ago, I was approached by the runway director at Oxford Fashion Studio (a company I have worked with previously), and asked if I would be interested in selecting looks for a High Street Fashion Event. This would involve visiting retailers and putting pieces together that would look accessible, aspirational, and style-lead in a collective Spring/Summer themed show.  Continue reading “#BSMFashionFix”

The Blake Lively Effect.

Aside from an obsession with nautical stripes and the odd (26) fit and flare dresses that are hanging in my wardrobe, I could never be accused of being a girly girl. A year or two ago, yes. I even went through this awful phase, which lasted for a good eighteen months, where I thought it would be a good idea to own a hair accessory to match most outfits.

Fast forward to my twenty-seventh year, and whilst I may still crack out a burgundy crushed velvet hair bow and messy beehive from time to time, my days in the ribbon shop are far behind me.

Until now.

Damn you, Blake Lively.

So, I am not a girly girl, we have thus far concluded this. I am also not one of those grown women who can seek solitude in a Disney Film. I do not wear the ironic throwback pyjamas from Topshop, or a playful #squadgoals tee from Primark. Whilst I will admit to the odd DisneyMania playlist whilst enjoying a bottle of wine (which is actually a bottle of beer, because I’m not even girly enough for wine) with my friends, I really do not understand the obsession with the Disney Princess mentality.  Continue reading “The Blake Lively Effect.”

Style Guide; What to Wear to a Wedding.

Every year, when the depressing hangover of January, February, March and April subsides, we can finally start to look forward to that time when it is appropriate to wear something other than a rain mac and anything slightly reminiscent of the winter boot. Invitations to certain events suddenly become a goal to plan for, and not an awkward conversation to avoid.

I am, of course, talking about the return of wedding season. Finding the perfect ensemble to wear to a wedding can prove itself to be almost as elusive as finding the perfect man to marry; take too many risks, and it is a disaster. Play it too safe, and you will find yourself a little uninspired half way through proceedings. Continue reading “Style Guide; What to Wear to a Wedding.”

Met Gala 2016; Best and Worst.

Last night marked the most incredible of all the fashion evenings in the entire social calendar. Whilst I, not at all bitter, spent most of the evening attempting to balance several technological devices level on my lap (so as to keep up to date with the world’s most fashionable red carpet!), I could not witness, first hand, the looks arriving on that magical set of steps. Plus, my football mad husband had already shotgunned the TV rights last night, so I had only Twitter and Instagram to keep me in the loop.

I always, without fail, keep three questions in the forefront of my mind when perusing the looks of the met gala.

Who will keep the theme in mind?

Who is going to take a risk?

Who the hell invited Justin Bieber??

I was also a little inquisitive as to how Olivier Rousteing had proposed to dress all of his girls, with Kylie Jenner now on the coveted invite list. And where there is a Kylie, there is a Kris. And, most probably, a Tyga.

We want drama at the Met Ball, that is a given. Granted, we all want to see Anna Wintour with her petite Chanel ensembles and her jewels, and a glimpse of Sienna Miller in some beautiful, floaty creation is always a crowd pleaser, but what we really want to see is Lady Gaga in some fishnets, and the Olsen Twins in something other than a wool duster coat.

This year did not disappoint. The theme of ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology’ was of particular interest to me, since witnessing first hand the beautiful creations of visionary womenswear couture atelier, Sabina Saga. I can now comprehend what comes from a collaborative world of fashion and technology, and the concept of futuristic design was a novice concept. Until last night.  Continue reading “Met Gala 2016; Best and Worst.”