MFW; Moschino Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-to-wear

The highlight of my week? Gigi Hadid dressed like a human bunch of flowers, that’s what. No one can be in a bad mood once they’ve seen Gigi Hadid dressed as a bunch of flowers.

This season marks Jeremy Scott’s twentieth year in fashion and the success of his Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection with Moschino is certainly cause for celebration. Famously evocative with his sense of design, Scott has created phenomenal pieces, previously collaborating with influential brands such as Longchamp and Adidas and working with celebrities on bespoke designs.

(There was this incredible winged leather jacket he once wore in a promotional shoot with Adidas and I would have done almost anything for this jacket. I was obsessed.)

Basically, I knew the Moschino show wouldn’t disappoint. 

The show itself definitely worked to two varying story boards, although both equally as Moschino as you could possibly get. Similarly to the Marchesa show from the New York collections, the theatrical aspects of the show were unapologetically feminine (further justifying my theory that designers are prone to less androgynous styling when showing ready-to-wear collections) and showcased the pieces perfectly.


Seeing Bella Hadid in this incredible ensemble was enough for me to consider spending £238 on a crop top – when I’ve spent the last week surviving on the £8 I have in my wallet. Regrettably, Scott and the creative team made the mistake of not opening the show with this look. Such a shame, because this outfit completely defined the show. Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele worked with Scott to style each look, which explains the brilliance and creativity – Carylne makes up for the crazy with a phenomenal eye for detail. She literally never puts a foot wrong.

810 (1)

Ready-to-wear at its best. Great proportions and tailoring – Moschino always do a biker jacket well. With recent RTW seasons including collaborations between Juicy Couture and Vetements, and the S/S Fenty X Puma collection, ironic noughties styling is having a major moment this season. Proof that if she was left alone for long enough, even Paris Hilton would come back into fashion.

Moschino 1

All in all, the My Little Pony inspired collection featured over thirty looks, incorporating the same key styling. Huge satin bows and intricate angel wings ‘diluted’ the juxtaposing leather accessories and biker studs. As ready-to-wear collections go, expect either look to be replicated through the mainstream retailers – mark my words, social media will go crazy for this.

810 (3)

Felt this look needed its own credit, because….well, boots.

So, for the less fearless and more feminine of you.

810 (14)

This photo (stolen from really does not do this dress the justice it deserves. For one reason or another, I didn’t watch the show live on social media, so it was Taylor Hill’s Instagram post the next morning which actually made me stop and take notice of the Moschino show.

21879418_519844095080749_1837188723473645568_n(1) I can’t even justify why I was so captivated by this look – I guess being a girl takes over sometimes and I just wanted to look at pretty clothes. But isn’t that what being into fashion is all about? When questioned about the collection, Jeremy Scott said, “It’s the life of a ballerina,” – the invitation to the show even came inside an actual ballet shoe. If I don’t have to resist the urge to be a girly girl for once, then I’m not going to.

The entire floral collection almost ironically poked fun at the higher end designer houses of Erdem and Dior with the literal floral pieces; the absolute antithesis to the collection shown just moments before.

Moschino 2

The theatrical drama of these pieces most definitely wasn’t lost on me. The silhouettes and soft, billowing fabrics worked perfectly for such a dynamic collection. Silk and organza in ombre prints were draped to form stunning floral and butterfly motifs. It was like an adults version of a kids fancy dress party, and the fashion crowd certainly lapped it up.

You only have to do a quick #moschino search if you don’t believe me.



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