What Spring means when you’re scared of colour.

FotoJet Collage

How to tell if someone is British? Aside from excellent queuing abilities, unapologetic patience (anyone who can wait 24 hours for the new KUTWK episode to air, must be blessed with patience of a saint) and the skill of avoiding eye contact with absolutely anyone, we Brits love the changing of the seasons. I am, quite openly, a huge fan of the Autumn season, because I am a very typical Fashion Blogger; I love candles, gingerbread lattes, watching rom-coms starring Meg Ryan, and wearing black. Yes, I really am that basic.

I’m not the biggest fan of the winter. Winter without Christmas is just rain. Winter without Christmas is being poor, overweight and grumpy. Now, it’s March, and Spring is well and truly on its way. For the rest of you fellow fashion lovers (I am, very rudely, assuming you are a lover of fashion, because I don’t write about anything else, so you probably wouldn’t be here) this becomes a real period of transition, when sheer layers become acceptable, and light layers are called for. Layering and texturing is a factor I feel completely at home with, but it is the injection of colour into my wardrobe which concerns me.

I used to wear colour all of the time, and I wasn’t afraid of wearing four different shades of pink in one outfit. I know, I can’t even. But this was a time of an obsession with Zooey Deschanel, Taylor Swift (the Harry Styles years months) and Blair Waldorf. For the record, I still love Blair Waldorf, but headbands are just not a ‘thing’ for me anymore. Since I started working for Gap, my style has become much more classic and minimalist. This is primarily through a growing appreciation for simple capsule pieces, like a great fitting pair of jeans, or a good quality linen mix tee. Surprise! A Gap employee who just loves t-shirts and jeans.

Autumn/Winter is obviously the perfect time for layering and outfit building key pieces, because cooler tones are acceptable for the cooler weather (apologies, totally stating the obvious), and simple pieces like a designer bag or a great coat can bring an entire outfit together. As the weather begins to-slowly-warm up, you cannot rely on a well-cut coat to complete a simple outfit. Arghh, what to do?

In all honesty, this is completely out of my comfort zone. This will be the first summer where myself and my husband haven’t been away, and I’m really trying to minimise how much I buy in a weekly basis. I buy clothes every single week, which is awful. So, no excuse of ‘I can definitely get away with a floral sundress, because I’m abroad and no one knows me’ and NO.MORE.SPENDING, so what does that leave me with?

Inject bright tonal accents into my existing wardrobe. 

So far, so easier said that done. Taking inspiration from one of my all time wardrobe inspirations, Lydia Millen (blogger/Youtuber/the classiest woman on earth) who has recently purchased the most gorgeous red Mulberry Bayswater, I have been slowly building a collection of red/blush pieces. She has recently shown an admiration of putting these two tones together, and I probably wouldn’t ever have paired these two colours, but it looks so chic, and so perfect for spring!

Okay, so I talk a good talk, because all I’ve bought so far is a red lip-kit and a couple of soft pink shirts. But, it’s a start. So, what else to buy?

I don’t want to spend a fortune (I am hoping my husband will read this; I’m obviously serious about saving if I write it on a blog post!), so I think a few thriftier items will be a great investment for me right now.

Here’s my pick of the best blush/red pieces available right now, and I want all of them.

Blush and Pink

So far, I’ve purchased the gorgeous soft pink structured blouse from M&S (a bargain at £15!), and I hope to one day own everything else..

I’m obviously going through a slight tailoring phase right now, as all of the pieces I have selected are very structured and feminine. As I am such an advocate of layering, I’d pair this burnt red jumpsuit (£59 from Topshop) with a classic white shirt underneath, and black accessories. The gingham layered skirt, which is £32 from Asos, is all over the high street right now….you only have to check your Instagram stories to see a million bloggers wearing this, with a distressed tee and Gucci sliders.

The accessory game is strong here, with four beautiful offerings. All of these items are brand new for the Spring season, and would look great with an outfit built on key pieces. Striped shoulder bag? Yes. From Karen Millen and so on trend for this season. Stunning floral sandals from River Island are a stylish addition to your simple jeans and tee outfit. I’d love to pair these with a cute denim sundress, but for right now I think they’d be perfect for pre-season looks.

For something completely out of my comfort zone, this effortless, soft pink Ted Baker sweater is so classic and composed for the more understated Spring dresser. Obviously, the bow detailing on the shoulder gives a real sense of femininity, but, styled the right way, I think this could look so stylish. The old Kelly (the Taylor-Zooey-Blair hybrid I referenced earlier) would wear this with a cute little plaid skirt, high heeled boots, and a matching bow hair band. Now? With a pair of slim, cropped trousers and a statement shoe. This is just so beautiful for the warmer months, and sweaters are a great way of injecting colour whilst still remaining practical. A little pricier, though, at £109.

Let’s just take a second to appreciate this stunning Topshop handbag. £35 for all of your Spring handbag needs, and a complete dupe for the infamous Louis Vuitton Capucines (which retails at just over £3000.) Who needs a LV anyway?! I’m a ‘throw it in the bag’ kind of girl, so although I can see the obvious visual benefits of the striped Karen Millen bag, this versatile option would work out at much more cost-per-wear. And the sunglasses? Wishful thinking on my part, as- let’s face it- I live in the UK, I wear slippers more than I wear sunglasses. In case you were wondering, or if you are lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, the sunglasses are from Quay Australia, and they’re £40.

So, in conclusion, I’m not telling you to pop to your local Urban Outfitters and buy everything pink and red. Don’t spend a fortune on a designer bag which you may only wear for the next six months (I am a true advocate for owning two great designer bags; one in black for Autumn/Winter, and one in nude, taupe or grey for the warmer months) but purchase something more affordable in this daring shade. You may just be surprised as to how much wear you get out of it.


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