Colour of the Week; Rose Gold



If you haven’t noticed that everything, from hair dye, to wedding dresses (and a few household appliances in between) are now available in a rose gold option, then where have you been? It is impossible to feel invested in this unquestionable trend, and this feminine tone is set to grow in popularity over the next year. As a closeted girly girl, rose gold speaks to me on many levels. Yes, like every other fashion blogger on the globe, I own a rose gold iPhone (with added rose gold Lumee phone case), a rose gold wallet, purse, embossed planner, and umbrella. These are just the contents of my handbag, so you can just imagine how rose tinted my home is. 

As the desirability of this ladylike colour continues to grow, why not invest in a fashion lead piece to incorporate into your wardrobe? I, for one, have been considering an accessory in this colour for some time. It is crucial to consider the quality and finish when it comes to rose gold, merely because there is so much of this hue available in the mass market. Designer collections have been produced in this colour throughout the last four or five ready to wear seasons, and imitations have since sold out in their thousands. So, what should you buy in this colour?

For those willing to part with more cash, or for complete advocates of a softer colour palette, then a purchase of this stunning Saint Laurent ‘Blogger’ Shoulder bag may not be a bad idea.

Dubbed as the bag of the season, with every well respected social media junkie displaying this (either on their person, or artistically positioned on a bed of flower petals and faux fur) on instagram. The colour itself, with a slight hint of nude to it, is so complimentary of the gold hardware. The size is small and ever so chic, and would be a great transitional piece. Would look fabulous paired with a camel winter coat and jeans, and with a plain, soft tee and denim skirt when the weather starts to warm up. This is most definitely on my Valentine’s want list!

If you’re feeling the pinch after the holiday season, then this adorable little Kate Spade cross body would also look lovely with your existing wardrobe.


Small and beautifully formed, this is so practical and pretty for any time of the year. The metallic finish gives this bag a slight edge, and would be harder wearing than the Saint Laurent leather bag. Really cute, and matches the Kate Spade wallet and purse I already have!

Spring is only around the corner (if it would only stop raining all of the time!) and so it might be about time to start looking for that perfect occasion dress. Florals are  set to be a massive look for the Summer season, with brands such as D&G and Fendi flying the flag for all that is feminine.

How stunning is this metallic Fendi mini dress?

This is just too breathtaking for words, and so delicate and classic. The length of the skirt keeps this look youthful and fun, yet this dreamy rose gold tone is so composed and stylish. A little on the spendy side, at a mere £1740, but if you’ve got it-flaunt it!

If you’re looking for something similar, but haven’t quite got the expense account to invest? No problem, here is this stunning little number from the ASOS salon collection (and a snip, at just £36!)

Just how darling is this?! And literally perfection for any formal occasion. In the Summer, pop on nude sandals and a cute clutch, and you’re good to go. Personally, I would love to see this styled with a dark, burgundy lip, a textured ponytail, and severe, black heels. With a dress this flirty and feminine, feel free to step it up a notch and accessorise with a moodier look.

Another great way to invest in a trend, is to splurge on your home. I am so guilty of this, and if I know I can make use of something (or take a pretty instagram image of said item!) I will spare no expense.

Tom Dixon is known for their collection of modern and effortless homewares. Their candles, in particular, are coveted by many a home admirer. I would love a Tom Dixon candle, because of the stylish design of the packaging, and they smell absolutely incredible.

I am sure you will agree that this would look at home in any fashion obsessive’s wardrobe? These are most definitely an investment, at £55, and I would suggest going into a store to find your favoured scent, but once the candle is burnt, these make great make up brush holders! So pretty and special.

This delicately fragranced Rose Gold candle from Marks and Spencers would look so sweet in your home. The candle itself is set in this adorable little textured effect pot, which can be reused with a tealight inside once the original scent has been burnt. So lovely, and only £7.50.

Looking for gift inspiration for Valentines Day? Or maybe you would just like to treat yourself during the most uninspiring time of the year. Where better to start than at Tiffanys? If it was good enough for Audrey, it’s definitely good enough for you, right?


At £875, this stunning rose gold bow pendant doesn’t come cheap, but this classic and minimal design is so timeless, that you may never take it off. This length of chain is so flattering, and this is a beautiful way to embrace the rose gold trend.

If you are a little less invested in this feminine trend, invest a little less money.


This exquisite Rose Gold plated necklace from Beaverbrooks is just £49, but the quality and look is of such a high quality, that it could pass for a piece of jewellery worth three or four times that much. The simplicity of this gorgeous pendant means it holds a certain amount of longevity and timelessness. So pretty, and the perfect Valentines gift.

The item which brings this collection to a close is these stunning rose gold leather brogues, from shoe brand Tint London.


Although this tone is very obviously feminine, any ensemble, however casual, would look fabulous in this instance. Whether it may be your favourite denim, or a nineties style velvet party dress, these exquisite rose gold brogues would definitely feel at home in your wardrobe. All components are handmade from 100% leather, which means that the quality of these brogues is unquestionable. In this fun and on trend rose gold tone, what’s not to love? I would wear these with anything, and I know the durability and androgynous style of these stunning shoes would mean I would get a lot of use out of these. Aren’t they just stunning?

Okay, so there you have it. The definitive list of what to buy, where to buy, and how to style the rose gold trend. You may be a little late to the party, but the best parties always start late. Right?


WithChic v neck dress
£24 –

Balmain top
£275 –

Missguided faux fur vest
£51 –

Proenza Schouler skirt
£715 –

Dolce Gabbana red purse
£1,925 –

Gucci purse
£1,520 –

Topshop white watch

Illesteva sunglasses
£155 –

Charlotte Tilbury moisturizing lipstick
£22 –

Pinch Provisions gift sets kit
£14 –

Argento SC personalized home decor
£14 –

Banana Republic metallic candle
£10 –

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