Couture Fashion Week; Chanel

So, this morning, after a non glamourous dentist appointment, opticians appointment, and a visit to Marks and Spencers, I came home, made myself some breakfast (boiled eggs and a mug *bucket* of gingerbread coffee) and sat down for a good old Instagram binge.

As an avid follower of high end fashion (as you may have noticed by now, my blog is much more ‘oh my gosh, how lush are these Dior boots?’ than ‘look at me and the photos my husband took of me in the car park’), I hold a serious admiration for the designer wares coming out of Couture Fashion Week. Granted, I’m still giddy with excitement when the conventional fashion seasons roll around, but both the couture and bridal events hold a special sort of sparkle in them. Alexandra Shulman, whom I follow loyally on Instagram, has been sharing the most captivating and thrilling imagery and media from CFW, but it is the scenes from the Chanel show which, quite literally, kept me glued to my iPhone all morning long. Soz, productivity. 

Chanel, as the most famous and established fashion house in the entire world, means a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. For many, the infamous double ‘C’ branding is a trademark of wealth and status, and no belonging screams success more than the prestigious 2.55 (and, more recently, the Chanel ‘Boy’). For the fashion set, Chanel, with Lagerfeld at its healm, this Parisian atelier is a master of reinvention, whilst still remaining wholly loyal and respectful to the brand.

For me, Chanel is the epitome of class, romance, and poise. I will always have a special place in my fashion consciousness for Chanel, and I follow the design process closely. I wore Chanel lipstick on my wedding day, and I have carried around the little receipt for that one shade ever since the day I purchased it. I just wish the little, inadequate receipt sat inside a Chanel caviar leather wallet, as opposed to my cute, little, rose gold Kate Spade one. Sad times.

So, why was the couture offering so incredible, you ask? Before I start, please just take a second to behold these (mesmerising) pieces.


I literally don’t even know where to begin. Every single look in this couture show was cut impeccably, produced and staged in such a delicate, and almost theatrical fashion. Reminiscent of early eighties Chanel, with a hint of the drama of the 1950s era thrown in for good measure, this collection was nothing short of breathtaking!

I, for one, am so envious of those who were fortunate enough to witness such a spectacle, and I cannot wait to see how the media publishes this captivating collection.

Usually, when I consider (dissect) a brand new collection, I can quite honestly admit that I don’t always love all of the collection. I always appreciate the craftmanship involved, and understand the concept and the place in the market. I am completely in love with every single look shown at the Chanel show.

The setting was impeccable (an array of stunning mirrors, with all models styled simply-cropped hair, pointed metallic courts, very chic), which may have assisted in wafting my growing admiration, and I can’t quite imagine a more perfect collection of couture.

Expect to witness a lot of sparkle in the upcoming weeks, during the remaining weeks of awards season, and into Fashion season. No one styles it better than a runway curator though, and that’s why I have chosen now to discuss my favourite looks.


My reasoning for this selection, is the pure glamour and femininity of this stunning taupe full skirted dress. I also find how flattering this cut is extremely refreshing. High end couture is traditionally not so considerate of womanly body shapes, but the cross over, sweet heart neckline and gathered waistline would look so beautiful and streamlined on many varying body shapes. I can’t falter the styling here, either, with minimal and fragrant make up and hair. Simply gorgeous, and so ladylike. What I wouldn’t give to only try this wonder on!


How inexplicably delicate and ladylike is this beautiful soft pink overcoat and hat combination? I am not usually so enthralled with such girlish tones, but the tailoring and Chanel detail overrides any thought or worry of femininity. Yet again, the belted waist gives an overall feel of simplicity and poise, and the style of hat keeps the look fun and a little more age appropriate. This was the look first showcased by Shulman, on her Instagram feed, which set the cogs whirring for me. I knew, as soon as I saw this stunning outfit, that I would fall head over heels in love with the couture offering.


How on earth have I managed to navigate through my entire life without a rhinestone embellished, sparkled trouser suit? Tailoring at its absolute finest, and incredible proof of what can be achieved (and soon, replicated) through an impeccable cut. I think the most exciting factor in this case, is the great combination of modern styling, with the elegance and beauty of well made fabric. This is, quite honestly, where Chanel and Lagerfeld come into their own. Modernity twinned with luxury. Prepare to see this styled on the new, young, Hollywood starlet, on many a red carpet.



Bella Hadid, looking fierce and composed, in this glorious combination of sparkle and inky black. The most moody of all looks, and more reminiscent of the most recent years at Chanel, this is why black is a classic tone, ready for investment. It is so captivating to witness soft and feminine layering, but in this more androgynous tone. In an odd way, this piece (with the incredible embellished boots) is the most masculine of the entire collection. Essentially, this is almost more wearable than other pieces shown, and probably the more safe option. I just adore the dichotomy of layering and contrasting components.


Although the show as closed by the Chanel darling, Lily-Rose Depp, I thought Kendall Jenner in this stunning crystal and feather ballgown should have been saved as best for last. This is so effortless, and chic, yet in no way guilty of simplicity. Almost over the top, but cut in a way that flatters the feminine shape, this is set to become the most famous look of this entire collection. I cannot believe how much I adore this delicate and completely girlish look, finished in these alluring vivid tones.

If this is the sign of shows to come, then this couture season is going to be one of the most illustrious and prestigious events. With the Dior show also taking place today, I (like many others) will be glued to my social media accounts for the foreseeable future!


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