Colour of the Week; Black



There is no tone quite so classic as black, and this is a given. It is the reason why many expensive style investments have been made in this particular shade, due to the immense longevity in this colour. Black is slimming, stylish, timeless, practical and chic. It looks fabulous, in many forms, from the wardrobe staple skinny jean, to the classic Balmain blazer. Why do you think so many buy their first designer car/sofa/phone/bag in this colour?

Although considered fairly non imaginative, I would never dream of arguing against this statement. Whilst rose gold is my favourite colour to own ‘things’ in (my phone, most of the items in my home, my nail polish shade etc), black is my favourite colour to wear. Why? Because I feel inexplicably stylish and put together in black, even if the outfit is a simple pair of jeans, a black leather jacket, and a basic tee.
When considering a new purchase, especially if it somewhat an investment piece, black is always a good starting point. Make the addition to your wardrobe, and you will find a considerable amount of product to pair this item with. For instance, buy these edgy and super stylish studded patent brogues from Tint London, and you will find an endless amount of outfits to pair them with.
For some stylish looks, let us look to the fashion set for inspiration.
Minimalist and chic, the Tint London brogues would be a fabulous contribution to any one of these outfits.
Provided the tones and fabrics are slightly varied, there is no risk of putting together a flat and uninspiring look, just keep it classic and finely tuned.
And make sure you head to Tint London’s online store to buy the stunning Black Glossy leather brogues.

Dolce Gabbana floral print shirt
£1,540 –

Motorcycle jacket
£69 –

Valentino print skirt
£1,590 –

Embroidered jeans
£5.61 –

Chanel shoulder bag

Bounkit gold tone jewelry
£105 –

Casetify iphone case
£32 –

Oliver Gal Artist Co flower stem
£205 –

Diptyque wick candle
£58 –

Americanflat typography wall art
£6.08 –

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