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January is an exciting time for that of reinvention and adjusting your lifestyle, or so that’s what I’m told. As someone who is eternally busy, bored or financially challenged, I vow to never make ‘new years resolutions’, because before the first week of the year is over, I’ve usually made some ridiculous excuse as to why I can’t possibly stick to them. I’m just not enough of a ‘change’ type person.

My personal goal for this year, aside from saving some money and hopefully buying my first home with my adorable husband, was to find a way to invest my free time more wisely. I’ve been given some amazing opportunities during the years that I’ve been writing my blog, from meeting and interviewing some incredible designers, to styling and hosting fashion events, but I have just undertaken a brand new venture, and I am so happy to share this news with you. 

Around six weeks ago, I was approached by a designer who I had previously met and interviewed through my work with Oxford Fashion Studio. At the time, Nina Jovanovic, was designing and producing a ready to wear womenswear collection, specialising in feminine detailing and beautiful, bright colours, and I spoke with her and produced an article for the OFS website, in the lead up to Oxford Fashion Week. I closely followed the progression of Nina’s company, Lula Le Bon, and I was extremely excited to hear that Nina had started to design a collection of equally colourful and playful brogues.

Alongside designing the collection, sourcing the fabrics and liaising with both clients and stockists, Nina was also managing the launch of the website and all of the social media accounts. With my experience in writing, publicity and fashion events management, Nina approached me and asked for my assistance with the publicity of the Tint London brand. Of course, I almost literally jumped at the chance, as I knew I could fit this venture around my full time job, and the timing could not have been more impeccable.

Not only do I have the chance to fulfil a long time ambition of investing more of my downtime into a reputable business venture, but the shoes are absolutely divine, which means the passion I feel for the product is completely organic.

Now that I have had the time to fill you in on this new progression in my career, I am so beyond thrilled to show you an example of the collection, and the three designs which I have been obsessed with lately!


Pink Leather Ankle Boots, £119

Avid readers of my blog will know, I am not a pink person. Grey, most definitely. Black, white, and the odd splash of nude/camel tones may make the odd appearance, but I have not invested in anything pink since the Blair Waldorf years. For these striking pink Chelsea boots, however, I would make allowances. In this beautiful soft, almost blush like colour, the classic style of Chelsea boot looks incredible in this really distinctive shade. I know that these would look so edgy with my everyday style, and it might make a nice change to pair my neutral wardrobe with such a statement shoe. I’m also really invested in this collection because these shoes are so impeccably made. They are produced using the best quality leather, and all of the components are carefully considered, so the heel height compliments the shoe, and above all; they are luxurious and comfortable. 


Rose Gold Metallic Oxford Brogues, £169

Who doesn’t love anything rose gold? Whether you are of the school of thought that this tone is just a fashion phase, or whether you are just as much of an obsessive as I am, the rose gold trend is set to stick around right until the Spring/Summer season. I am almost obsessed with these vivid and striking beauties, and I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair. Although they do make a real statement in this bold tone, I genuinely feel that these would go so well with so much. I do attempt to make an effort with my outfits every single day, but real life gets in the way sometimes, and I end up wearing jeans and sweaters most of the time. That’s exactly why I think these brogues would fit so well into my everyday routine. With soft and durable leather making up most of the components of this design, they soften and wear to the shape of your foot, and so these are great for day to day living. Rose gold is so on trend, and really complimentary of a lot of styles, which is why I am so obsessed with these brogues.


Black Patent Leather Oxford Brogues with Metal Studs, £169

These patent leather brogues are so on trend and completely fabulous! The androgynous look is very complimentary of my minimalist style, and the stud and tassel detail gives these brogues a real sense of exclusivity. The quality alone means that these Oxford brogues are worth the investment, and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. I see these looking great with skinny, distressed jeans, a simple grey tee, a leather jacket and a chic, statement bag.

I am (for obvious reasons) absolutely obsessed with this collection, and taking my time to publicise these designs hardly feels like work at all. I am such a proud ambassador for this brand, and I am really appreciative of the opportunity to work with such a talented designer. So, on top of looking for a house, managing my full time job, writing for my own blog, seeing family and friends, handling publicity for Tint London, I also now have to find the time to decide which pair of shoes to buy!

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