MFW; Moschino Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-to-wear

The highlight of my week? Gigi Hadid dressed like a human bunch of flowers, that’s what. No one can be in a bad mood once they’ve seen Gigi Hadid dressed as a bunch of flowers.

This season marks Jeremy Scott’s twentieth year in fashion and the success of his Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection with Moschino is certainly cause for celebration. Famously evocative with his sense of design, Scott has created phenomenal pieces, previously collaborating with influential brands such as Longchamp and Adidas and working with celebrities on bespoke designs.

(There was this incredible winged leather jacket he once wore in a promotional shoot with Adidas and I would have done almost anything for this jacket. I was obsessed.)

Basically, I knew the Moschino show wouldn’t disappoint.  Continue reading “MFW; Moschino Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-to-wear”

NYFW; Marchesa Spring/Summer ’18

Taking a break from writing was probably one of the best things I could have done. Rather controversially, I had fallen out of love with the notion of setting aside 80% of my free time to sit at a desk and give my (sometimes unwanted) opinion on the latest designer offering.

It’s the routine of fashion which, inevitably, dragged me back in. Fashion week is something I usually plan for, something I move my work schedule around for and  arrange blog posts and designer profiles I genuinely look forward to writing. In August, I leave desperate voice mails at the local WHSmiths – in hopes that they will set aside my annual edition of American Vogue (September edition, obviously) and in October, I recover from writing 55 blog posts during fashion season. Major overreaction on my part, but you know what I mean.  Continue reading “NYFW; Marchesa Spring/Summer ’18”

What Spring means when you’re scared of colour.

FotoJet Collage

How to tell if someone is British? Aside from excellent queuing abilities, unapologetic patience (anyone who can wait 24 hours for the new KUTWK episode to air, must be blessed with patience of a saint) and the skill of avoiding eye contact with absolutely anyone, we Brits love the changing of the seasons. I am, quite openly, a huge fan of the Autumn season, because I am a very typical Fashion Blogger; I love candles, gingerbread lattes, watching rom-coms starring Meg Ryan, and wearing black. Yes, I really am that basic.

I’m not the biggest fan of the winter. Winter without Christmas is just rain. Winter without Christmas is being poor, overweight and grumpy. Now, it’s March, and Spring is well and truly on its way. For the rest of you fellow fashion lovers (I am, very rudely, assuming you are a lover of fashion, because I don’t write about anything else, so you probably wouldn’t be here) this becomes a real period of transition, when sheer layers become acceptable, and light layers are called for. Layering and texturing is a factor I feel completely at home with, but it is the injection of colour into my wardrobe which concerns me. Continue reading “What Spring means when you’re scared of colour.”

The Gap Archive Reissue

Aside from the million and one things I seem to be juggling in a writing/home/husband/familyfriends/general life capacity at the moment, I am also a full time employee for Gap. For the last two and a bit years, this partnership has worked well for me, for many reasons. Reason #1 I love my job. Its physically (and sometimes, mentally) exhausting, and I cannot remember the last time I had a day where I actually completed the task I set out to do, but I get to wear jeans to work everyday, which is amazing. Reason#2 Despite the cliched judgement of Gap branded clothing, I am a real advocate of the effortless and classic aesthetic of the brand, and so I literally love the product. I’m also the lucky owner of a staff discount card, in return for spending 40+ hours of my week there, and this means that almost every single item of clothing I own is some variation of a grey t-shirt and skinny jeans. Reason #3 Gap never fails to surprise me. Continue reading “The Gap Archive Reissue”

Colour of the Week; Rose Gold



If you haven’t noticed that everything, from hair dye, to wedding dresses (and a few household appliances in between) are now available in a rose gold option, then where have you been? It is impossible to feel invested in this unquestionable trend, and this feminine tone is set to grow in popularity over the next year. As a closeted girly girl, rose gold speaks to me on many levels. Yes, like every other fashion blogger on the globe, I own a rose gold iPhone (with added rose gold Lumee phone case), a rose gold wallet, purse, embossed planner, and umbrella. These are just the contents of my handbag, so you can just imagine how rose tinted my home is.  Continue reading “Colour of the Week; Rose Gold”

Colour of the Week; Silver

The promise of the impending Spring season has been tormenting me this week. I leave the house in a million layers, planning for all eventualities, and wearing my fleece lined bobble hat. Nine hours later, I’m walking home from work with my various layers shoved in my tote bag. This, especially in the UK, is a sign of Spring. Springtime can vary, wherever you are from in the world, and wherever you are travelling to. In the world of fashion, it is a slightly confusing and complicated time. We attend shows and previews, dressed for the Winter, planning for the Summer, and thinking of Spring. Days can be wet and humid (this calls for a trench coat and leather brogues), cooler and sunny (light leathers in pretty, soft tones) or just downright disgusting (trackpants and Netflix), and this is most definitely the chaotic of seasons.

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Alexandra Shulman; Style and Substance.

I’ve had a hectic week, and I know every professional working woman in the world utters those words atleast once a day. Sometimes I struggle to understand how I manage to survive an entire week of work/internship/blog management/feeding of the husband/washing of the clothes etc. etc, and I’m usually exhausted by Tuesday lunchtime. Last week, though, was one of the more ‘crazy’ weeks. In a deflated, and emotionally unstable state, I woke up on Thursday morning to an email from my mother-in-law, to inform me that Alexandra Shulman had announced that she would be stepping down as editor-in-chief of British Vogue. This, almost literally, pushed me over the edge.

Ever since I could earn my own money (and thanks to the staff discount I took complete advantage of during my first summer job in the local WHSmiths) I have been reading British Vogue. Aside from the year prior to our wedding, where I switched my subscription from one Condé Nast publication to another (Brides magazine is incredible, by the way, for any brides to be out there. Specifically if you’re an admirer of style, and not just butterfly shaped place cards and the ‘naked cake’ trend), I doubt I’ve ever missed an issue.  Continue reading “Alexandra Shulman; Style and Substance.”

Couture Fashion Week; Chanel

So, this morning, after a non glamourous dentist appointment, opticians appointment, and a visit to Marks and Spencers, I came home, made myself some breakfast (boiled eggs and a mug *bucket* of gingerbread coffee) and sat down for a good old Instagram binge.

As an avid follower of high end fashion (as you may have noticed by now, my blog is much more ‘oh my gosh, how lush are these Dior boots?’ than ‘look at me and the photos my husband took of me in the car park’), I hold a serious admiration for the designer wares coming out of Couture Fashion Week. Granted, I’m still giddy with excitement when the conventional fashion seasons roll around, but both the couture and bridal events hold a special sort of sparkle in them. Alexandra Shulman, whom I follow loyally on Instagram, has been sharing the most captivating and thrilling imagery and media from CFW, but it is the scenes from the Chanel show which, quite literally, kept me glued to my iPhone all morning long. Soz, productivity.  Continue reading “Couture Fashion Week; Chanel”

Colour of the Week; Black



There is no tone quite so classic as black, and this is a given. It is the reason why many expensive style investments have been made in this particular shade, due to the immense longevity in this colour. Black is slimming, stylish, timeless, practical and chic. It looks fabulous, in many forms, from the wardrobe staple skinny jean, to the classic Balmain blazer. Why do you think so many buy their first designer car/sofa/phone/bag in this colour?

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Brogues and Ruffles;how to wear yours.

With Spring (technically) just around the corner, it is most definitely time to consider an upgrade for your wardrobe. As an inherent wearer of the three most adventurous colour groups (black, grey and white), it is high time for change in my ready-to-wear collection, and I am extremely invested in another palatable colour group. Soft pink and blush.

Within the last year, these two complimentary tones have been available in a vast majority of varying fashion items, from coordinating evening wear pieces, to designer handbags, and literally everything in between. Even the previous S/S season of fashion inspired athletic footwear which have sold out in their thousands, released almost exclusively in these romantic tones. The rose/blush/nude/camel colour palette has seen commercial success due to the complimentary warmth of this shade. Everyone looks healthy and ‘put together’ in this colour, and the understated injection of this colour is really beautiful with so many other garments.  Continue reading “Brogues and Ruffles;how to wear yours.”